Monday, September 21, 2009

Meagan and Mat Engagement Session in SF

This engagement session in taken in September 6th, I am behind on my photo stuff for a big reason. I am selling my house and looking for new one!!! I am going to miss my current house. Put a lot effort and work in it.

Back Meagan and Mat. They are in the hollywood filming industry so they were from LA. They do special effect for movies like Transformer 2!!! GEEE, if they are the God behind Transformer 2, they are IT!!! So ... I ask them if my work is like child play to them, they told me I can't compare the two. Photography is just a difference kind of Arts and they do admire my work. I was so happy.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

8 - 1 - 09 + Helene + Jason = San Jose Downtown + Wedding

Helene told me that she is a make up artist the first time I meet her. I could't helped but kept starring at her model like body and thought "geee... sweet". Jason wasn't there the first we meet but I asked Helene for his photo. KaChun, tall handsome man. Well I couldn't tell hisbody height from a picture, I asked Helene. I was so excited and so eager to get on board to shoot their wedding. I guess Helene could see that from my face of how bad I wanted it. A big ear puppy jumpped around a beautiful girl sticking out long tougne and swinging mouth water all over. I can't help, it was the kind of wedding that we professional photographers looking forward to shoot.

In the wedding day, I arrived to Sainte Claire Hotel a whole an hour and a half earlier!! I just can't wait. When I got to the suite, the first thing I ask Helene was "where is the wedding gown?". I knew she is an artist, but deep down I still worried that how the gown look. My worry was totally un-necessary!!! The gown was beautiful and it was one of the best I have seen in my career.

The hotel, Sainte Claire Hotel. Sitting in the middle of the downtown San Jose. CLASSIC! Beaiful inside out! I don't even need to going anywhere for portrait. I did it right in front it. Couldn't find anything better than this, one of my favor city backdrop. See it yourself.

I took my iPhone out from my pocket, it read 11:55am August 2nd, our contract end at 11:00pm so I had ran over almost an hour for this lovely couple already. But it was a busy wedding day and we didn't have time to do the night portrait till now. And the party was just began on the dance floor. I couldn't care about my signed up time anymore, got to finish it. So, I pulled Helene and Jason out from reception party we rushed out for some night portrait. Downtown San Jose is so gorgous in the midnight. I love city night live, I love my shoots.

12:30pm Mission Accomplished